7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence @Layanbubbly

7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence @Layanbubbly


hello everyone and welcome back to naturally bubbly that place to be to unleash the power from within I’m your hostess lam bubbly and I’m so excited to bring to you another episode of what attracts women to men this week you guys posted on my Instagram the most requested question was how to boost your confidence and I know exactly where you’re coming from when sometimes you want to approach women you fear rejection and your confidence definitely needs a boost well today I have broken it down to seven simple steps that will help you boost your confidence ready let’s go number one confidence is all about experience I want you to recall when you were first starting to learn math 2+2 didn’t make any sense until you practiced it until you are confident it’s all about practice makes perfect and it is no secret that once you go over that practice so many times so many different hours and so many different types of rejections then you know what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right practice makes perfect is not a secret and yeah so many people have the fear of approaching women they just don’t do it if you don’t practice if you don’t build that confidence just from experience you will never be able to be fully in love with yourself and fully comfortable with your own skills so go ahead practice until you’re perfect number two confidence through honesty it is no secret that once you are very direct and shameless about who you are then there’s this natural attraction that you build about yourself confidence is also about accepting who you are and being vulnerable and open about it when people see you for who you genuinely think you are and portray yourself to be even in your this place then this is a sign of confidence number three the way you describe yourself is your own reality in my line of work when I coach people I realize that they are their own worst enemy when people come in and tell me that they are introverts or shy people that’s their own way of limiting their percent possibility we have seen over years of studies that the way you define yourself is what you are actually going to perceive in your reality so if you come in and you tell me that you are an introvert or a shy person this is what the outcome of your life will be if you come in and you raise your standards to what you can possibly be then this might benefit you in the long run in my life what I realized is that once I say I am NOT able to do something that’s it the fight is already lost so why don’t you just let go of those words let go of those limitations and define yourself with a new realm of possibilities tell yourself that you are sexy tell yourself that you are the thing that women want number four have goals and pursue them in my experience when you put yourself out there and you progress every single day in order to build a dream that makes you deeply and infinitely happy this is when confidence comes in human beings naturally love it and feel happiness when they know their progress so find something that you can achieve every single day some kind of goal list that you can go through every single day and check off the things that compose the big building of your dream once you have that dream in place once you put that passion in place you can also vibrate those frequencies to other people around you and people will definitely see a change in your way of being so find that dream build it and keep on pursuing the goal of happiness number five inspire your minds with positivity and action it’s all about what you put into your life if your place of living is positive then you will become more confident if the people used to around yourself with are positive then you will become more positive if you have visuals sense sounds around you that are positive then you’ll become more positive it’s all about constructing your outer environment in order for your inner environment to be satisfied organized and clean look into your own life who are your closest five friends are those five friends confident people do they inspire you to be better every single day are those five people empowering well you have to be realistic with your own life decisions pay attention what kind of words you are using if you are the kind of person who’s always saying I can’t I can’t I can’t and negative kind of words like this this will limit yourself and it will limit your mind whereas let’s say something really bad happens to you or something Falls or you crack your phone and you respond with something positive such as beautiful and with a smile and it’s bad energy then your life will have a more positive outcome it is not what happens in your life that is bad that is the issue it’s the way you react to it and the way you talk about it is also the way you react to it so pay attention to what you say and what you do when you are reacting to certain issues in your life this makes a big difference with a man who’s confident and a man who isn’t number six inspire your body by eating healthy and staying in activity yes I know it’s really hard to always eat healthy I am guilty of those old pleasures but I have to tell you that once I do eat healthy and once I do put my body in motion I do feel amazingly better if you want those endorphins pumping up your body then you have to put that 30 minutes a day in order to work out especially if you are a man once you build your ideal body whatever it may be once you feel healthy about yourself you will naturally gain confidence so just make sure that you put that on your list of things to do every single day and you will see the progress a year from now and you will feel and see the change when it comes to women approaching you and being attracted to you I guarantee you that number seven and the final tip I’m gonna leave you with today is know how to recognize fear I have always said that fear is something that is very negative in my life but I have over the years recognized a way of transforming that fear into something that will benefit me in the long run here is one of the strongest emotions we can ever look into and actually fear can be used as a major motivator in your life so recognize when you are fearful of something and use it in your advantage when you’re about to approach women and you feel fearful about rejection then you know that that’s something you actually truly want and once you overcome that challenge that challenge of fear you will see that there is going to be a huge boost in your confidence once you understand how to turn negative situations in your life into more positive outcomes you can definitely check out how you can do so on my playlist by clicking right here in this playlist video and it will take you directly to the self help videos that I have created for you on my channel I have changed my schedule to upload more frequently just for you because you have requested it please come back and please show me your support by subscribing down below and clicking the big thumbs up because I would truly appreciate it thank you so much for all the people connecting with me on my social networking sites on Twitter Instagram and Facebook at layin bubbly and of course for connecting with me and sending me sweet comments on my website www. house. gov/paul and spread the bubble e. NOS I will see you next time with a brand new video have a bubbly night on purpose you you..

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