4 Confidence Building Action Steps For Introverts | Be Confident Even If Introverted | Self Belief

4 Confidence Building Action Steps For Introverts | Be Confident Even If Introverted | Self Belief

1:31 – Tip #1 Get out of your comfort zone safely

3:09 – Tip #2 Know your values

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

4:13 – Tip #3 Embrace change

5:23 – Tip #4 Be present

You’re in the grocery store.

A beautiful girl catches your eye.

You start coming up with a million ways to say hello.

Your paths are about to cross.

She’s walking by you right now, and….

The opportunity is lost.

What held you back?

Lack of confidence? Fear of rejection?

The text:

gentlemen Antonio here today I want to be talking about an introverts guide to improving your confidence I’m going to give you four steps on how to improve basically your belief in yourself now gentlemen you may not have picked this up I know many you guys may have find this hard to believe but I’m an introvert and I come from a family of introverts my wife is an introvert my son is an introvert just last night we took him to tennis lessons and the coach is working with him one on one great coach but he comes back and he says you know your son is really shy don’t think he meant that yeah you know in a negative way or anything but my wife she’s like oh you know he’s just like me he’s just and I told my wife I’m like you know I’m an introvert I’m very I was a very shy kid they’re painfully shy gentlemen if you are an introvert this is for you and if you are I would love to hear from you guys down below let me know what actions you’re going to take or maybe share with me stories that have helped you get out from behind you know the wall that we put around ourselves sometimes because it’s very important as an introvert that you can take that you realize who you are but you’re able to overcome that so you can become the man you know yourself to be and that’s the goal of this now I support this with an article over at real men real style we go into a lot of research my friend Katrina wrote this article she goes into a lot of detail it’s a great article so go check that out her website communication for nerds great website if you haven’t checked it out and I’m happy to have her as a guest poster with me now let’s get into the tips so number one get out of your comfort zone safely so notice I put safely there I’m not saying go down a path you know burn the ships behind you and it’s all or nothing synchros web no you don’t have to go that far you just simply need to take a step in the right direction and build off of that and I’ll share with you a personal example so when I was in high school it was incredibly hard to to talk to girls I just could not do it but it just so turned out I was in a Spanish course the good thing it came out of that class is i sat next to a girl named Jamie and she was the head cheerleader a year ahead of me she was a junior I was a sophomore she was just the nicest person and I started off I had a crush on her for a long time I just started talking with her turns out she invited me you know all of a sudden were in like a Spanish group together I got to know her and it was those simple steps you know I wanted to ask her on a date for a long time it took me a year to ask her out on the date which I’ll tell you you know did not go super well and it wasn’t because I was so nervous guys I left the lights on so I came back and not only was the truck dead but I had locked the keys inside of the point being guys is that I did take those micro steps and I was able to get to the end goal which was to ask her out on a date which was a big deal for me and guys you can do the same things so safely step out of your comfort zone instead of going you know to approach your boss with this huge business idea give them a presentation craft in email send the email and then from that email try to build off of that so take baby steps and build off those small victories and also and you’re going to have a great victory step number two gentlemen is to know your values so there’s two types of values there are means values and there are end values what’s the difference means it’s kind of like money and that’s something where yeah all of us want to make more all of us want to feel success in our business or in our job in our life we’re going to school because we want to get those means rewards but those aren’t the end goals no one really wants a big pile of money unless you’re Scrooge Mc. Duck to be able to dive and swim in it know the point of having money is to have the freedom to have the freedom to choose how you could live your life where you spend your time for you to be able to travel and do all these amazing things that is the end goal so focus in on understanding what are your end values and when you understand your end values all of a sudden you’re going to have the power because you’re going to understand your wife guys I talked about it in my personal image system you can go checked out of here but understanding your Y gives you the strength to make very quick decision and when you need to stand up when you need to break out of that she’ll you’ve got something strong that’s driving you tip number three embrace change so we live in a world in which the news is constantly kind of trying to fearmonger us into oh my gosh this is changer this is you know watch out for this watch out for that you know the news is there were 24 hour cycle they’ve always got to fill that and their job is to you know get you to check out their news channel which often times negative stuff gets us in there so we’re we almost fear this change and we’re being conditioned to fear change but flip that mindset and I was very fortunate in the United States Marine Corps they embraced change they embraced challenge and one thing I did learn and I can tell you I was an introvert till you know I’d say I improved a lot in the Marine Corps because I was forced to make those baby steps at you know getting back to point one but the big thing I learned in the Marine Corps is to embrace the fact that nothing is going to go how you think the complexity theory talks about this there is just no way quantum you know physics all the stuff they get into how nothing can truly be predicted in an unpredictable universe so if you understand that and you then focus in on yourself and being able to adapt to that change and take that type of mindset generally you’ll be able to plow your way through finally step number four gentlemen is to be present I know this sounds simple simply being present but it’s really important because oftentimes gonna be in a meeting and what are you thinking about you’re thinking about the next meeting you’re thinking about the emails you’re in a different place when you are having a conversation with somebody be present that means that you’re there you’re listening to them and there is nothing else in the world I know Bill Clinton was really good at this and this was just something that people always knows Wow like despite there being all these people around us I felt that he really understood me and listened to me gentlemen you you may not like Bill Clinton but you need to learn from the way that this man could connect with people and be that type of connector because number one you’re going to better retain information number two you’re going to make the person you’re engaging with or the group of people feel like you really do care because you do and number three you are actually going to become better if you’re going to have deep empathy with these people you’re connecting with and it’s going to help you make that decision do we connect on our values going back to an earlier point and it’s going to make it very clear on the decision you need to make gentlemen those are the four tips use them I think that if you are an introvert again let me know in the comments I want to hear from you guys take this one small step to lay out you know Antonio I this step and I’m going to use it today to start taking directions in the right way to improve my confidence gentlemen if you want to learn more go check out the article it’s there for you great information and go check out Katrina’s she got a free course for you really good take care guys I’ll see you in the next video you..

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Comment (4)

  1. Introverts can be confident. It’s a stereotype that we’re not because we’re more reserved than extroverts. Just because we don’t talk to everyone in the room doesn’t mean we’re not confident. We step back and see who we think is WORTH talking to… it’s a different mindset entirely.

  2. I’ve always had one question: why would we, introverts, want to be otherwise? What’s the point? Have extrovert people ever consider that maybe they need to be more introvert? That way they would know themselves better, they would no longer need to prove they are worth it to others and maybe we could have a better society, with people who are not so conpetitive and arrogant, with people who don’t mess with others just for fun, with people who don’t need put down others in order to feel superior. Think about it.

  3. Advice for Introverts.

    Stop seeing life through other people’s eyes.

    Extroverts dont give a shit about what you think of them. They simply dont have time to take your opinions and judgement into consideration.

    Remember, you are your own person. Everyone out there has their own goals and journeys on earth. dont let the opinions of others affect your life.

    You need to start being selfish with your body. Always do whats best for YOU. Remember, the person you are going to spend the most of your life with is YOURSELF. always respect yourself and dont ever be scared to speak up.

    The harsh truth is, once you lay on your death bed and reflect back on your life you are going to regret everything. How you let people walk over you, how you were afraid of their judgement ect. and then ask yourself the question, where are those people now???

    was it really worth it to suffer your whole life for people that are not relevant?? for people that forced you to live life the way they wanted?

    Be free!!!! Be happy!!!

    Make 2016 a year all about yourself and not about the opinions of others.

    (Note: Respect everyone, but dont let anyone disrespect you. And continue be the best dressed person in the room)


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