3 Hours Social Anxiety Subliminal Meditation – Overcome Fear Of People

3 Hours Social Anxiety Subliminal Meditation – Overcome Fear Of People

This meditation for social anxiety contains powerful audio subliminal messages with relaxing music. If you suffer from fear of people and being in social settings, listen to this subliminal meditation on a constant basis.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

I didnt include brainwave entrainment in this session because I dont want you to be limited in time (its recommended to listen to brainwave entrainment up to an hour a day). You can listen to this social anxiety subliminal recording in a loop, even during the day while youre doing your regular activities.

The subliminal messages of this session:

I feel comfortable in my own skin when meeting other people

Talking to others is a fun experience; I enjoy it!

It feels absolutely safe to be around other people

I allow myself to act naturally and freely when meeting people

I am becoming more and more socially confident

I subconsciously perceive socializing with others as a joyful experience

Socializing is extremely easy

Being an outgoing person feels so natural

Mingling and socializing comes easily and naturally to me

My interactions with other people is flowing and intriguing

It is okay to allow other people get to know me

It is safe for me to open up to others and let special people come into my heart

I stay cool, calm and at ease in social situations

I take it easy when I meet other people

My emotional state remains balanced and at peace when being in a crowd

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  1. Here a reason behind the science of it: Of course it depends on wheter you are materialistic or rather spiritual setted human! But it is almost certain that we are programmed in an overcareful way in our early childhood. Our subconcious mind caught all believs from other people. It cannot judge itself whether it is “good” or “bad” for us. In reality it just wants to protect us and the whole species from ‘bad’ (or useless) influences!

    And when you listen to swearwords from other people you will notice how your subconcious mind suddenly gives you bad feelings about yourself. And Vortex uses this mechanism for the good. He let’s our subconcious mind catch powerful believes about ourselfs. As Buddha said: “What you think today, you will feel tomorrow and become the day after tomorrow”. These messages change our mindset, the way we subtley think about ourselfs!

    Not everything what our ear is able to catch is presented to our concious mind. Our subconcious mind can even hear ultrasunic sound (which was initially received by our ear). Only very small parts of information is transported to the concious mind to judge it and then given back to the subconcious mind to make feelings out of it (look it up!)! These messages are not important for our survival (cause there is no danger in it), so our subconcious mind has no reason to let us hear the word. We will be informed by our good feelings that the information was good!

    If some of you still don’t believe it, then think of a party where crowds are talking to each other. All out of a sudden you hear your name in it, although you cannot remember any other words! It’S because your subconcious mind found this information important for your survival in the near future! I have also noticed the effect, that suddenly I felt good in there and as I started conciously listenig to what people say (they were almost only whispering) I noticed that there were sharing nice facts about me! My subconcious mind knew it long before! And these voices are comparable with those Vortex is using here! 🙂

  2. How many days do I have to listen to this for it to work? 60 days? does anyone know? I’m trying to cure my social anxiety, so that I can have a “Normal” highschool experience and not get bullied again.

  3. I’m listening because I forgot my hw and I’m freaking out even though my teacher is really nice and let’s us do it before school…. I’m so nervous now my whole day is ruined… can I get some likes?

  4. I have social anxiety really bad, when I talk in front of a class I started shaking and sometimes sweat. I sometimes get paranoid and scared of going out in public. It gotten so bad that I don’t talk at all at school. At school I have barely have three friends, I’m the quietest person at school but at home I can’t stop talking and I’m loud. I think I have social anxiety because a lot of people leave my life and I my siblings make fun of me by pointing out everything wrong about, like I’m a mistake. So I really want to get rid of my social anxiety. So could someone please tell me if this works.

  5. i have been listening to this audio on my mobile phone ( without headphones ) while going to sleep for past one month and i am feeling overall less anxious, less depressed and more calm.

  6. Im going to Barcelona next month, and i’m going to be staying with a family i’ve never met, plus i’m only allowed to talk in spanish. I’m going with a couple of girls I barely know plus in Barcelona theres going to be a bunch of kids my age. Will this help me to talk to them in ease, spanish and english? I tense up when someone talks to me and usually reply in one worded answers, i’d love to be able to carry on a conversation, will this help me to achieve my goals? Thanks a bunch!!
    im 14 btw 🙂

  7. I often am made fun of by many members of my family and it makes me feel I am worthless. This has probably caused my social anxiety because I feel like no matter what I do around anyone I’ll always be made fun of. It sucks because when people realize that you are shy they make fun of you and your insecurities are just reassured. I really hope that this helps.

  8. This helped me so much.
    I recommend laying on a bed etc. with a dim coloured light such as a lava lamp for an hour or so.

  9. What if I watch this video 6 hours a day. Three hours when I first get up and three hours at bedtime. Will I see fast results? I get so anxious around people, even over the phone with friends and family that I mumble horrible things under my breath about them. I get more paranoid because I think they can read my mind. But can someone please answer my question.

  10. For all people who doubt that this beautiful work of Vortex works: If you would really doubt it, you would have no reason to tell it to the people. You just are afraid that it indeed works and don’t want others to profit from it! 🙂 So, dear people, you can really believe in this powerful work of Vortex! I have noticed considerable changes already which girls were telling me! It is really fantastic from Vortex that he doesn’t charge anything! He really wants us to feel better! It’s his mission; in the end he will get the good back he has done to so many people!

    Thank you, Vortex! 🙂


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