10 Minute Hypnosis Transforms Social Anxiety Into Self Confidence

10 Minute Hypnosis Transforms Social Anxiety Into Self Confidence

Social anxiety and social phobias can cause you to feel depressed, anxious and only increases through isolation. The roots of social anxiety are subconscious, often reflecting underlying fears and negative belief systems you are unaware of.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Through hypnosis we can work directly on these underlying beliefs and transform them into beliefs that support self esteem and confidence and make you feel at ease and self assured in any situation.

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hi guys so today is all about social anxiety I have had back from you guys and you have asked me to create a hypnosis that’s going to help you overcome the debilitating effects of social anxiety so social anxiety is all about feeling afraid of being in social situations because you don’t know how to communicate you don’t feel confident about yourself or your ability to communicate in a smooth flawless way with others and you can often feel judged you could feel shy and awkward and this is can be very very difficult because it leads to isolation and loneliness and often depression so to work on social anxiety we’re gonna walk in this hypnosis on the underlying fears and letting go of those fears and anxieties and then helping you step into this new highest self that is confident that couldn’t communicate with ease and is able to completely be in any situation at any time so I’m gonna do a really quick rapid induction I’d like you to focus your attention on my finger the middle finger and as you do and you notice my fingers moving further and further apart with every breath you take and just notice they’re moving further and further apart and the more you focus the more part they move and I’d like you to notice that the hand is now beginning to drop and it’s moving and creating a magnetic force just visualizing imagining a magnetic force is pulling the eyelids down as I come down to.5 going deep before deep three dropping you much deeper moving to the subconscious mind two one zero and deep sleep each and every time deep sleeper suggested to you or the purpose of hypnosis and with your permission you go into the states deeply completely and you become highly suggestible to instantaneous accelerator transformation now in the state I’d like you to imagine yourself standing at the top of a staircase now this staircase is going to lead you into a parade a full of people the streets are just streaming with people from every walk of life and you’re going to walk into this parade with every step you take coming down at ten going deeper at nine going deeper at eight seven six five four three two one zero and you find yourself standing on the street and ahead of you you see a group of friends that you are familiar with but that you have often felt shy about contacting or communicating with or going to social events with because you felt like you didn’t know what to say to them who you felt awkward around them and you may have felt judged by them and when you look at this group of friends I’d like you to go ahead and bring up the anxiety that’s seen these friends and brings up within you and as always go ahead and bring up that right index finger and we’re gonna bring up the sphere stronger and stronger the fear of being rejected the fear of not being liked stronger and stronger now and as you see these people I’d like you to draw all off this negative anxious energy into the right index finger and go ahead when you hear the click of my finger go ahead and drop that belief let it go now as you look at them again you’re going to notice that there is something changing about your relationship to these friends you are feeling less and less anxious and more more happy and comfortable to see them but you still feel something xiety as you walk towards them so go ahead and bring up that right index finger and bring it up even more strongly now and go ahead and bring any remaining anxiety and drop it let it go and now you find yourself standing right in front of them and you notice that as you stand in front of them a sense of ease confidence and the ability to fluently communicate and greet them anymore so yourself conversation with them happens naturally and they feel excited to see you and they feel happy to see you and they feel comfortable around you and they say to you that they enjoy your company and as you hear this you feel this excitement as acceptance the self confidence the self esteem coming from within and you see it projected in your friends and it deepens and it strengthens each and every day and each and every week and so you easily are able to walk away from them and move to a different place on the parade and you walk through strings of people and you notice that with every step you are feeling more and more comfortable in social situations in crowd around lots of people in fact it gives you energy it makes you feel excited you draw on people’s energy on the crowds to fulfill your own in tunnel energy and it makes you feel alive to be around them and you see people smiling at you and waving at you in greeting you and this makes you feel socially powerful like a king or queen would overlooking their entire kingdom and smiling at their realm and all the people in their realm feel that power rising within you with each and every step you become more powerful more comfortable more socially empowered more enhanced in your communicative abilities to express yourself through speech through body language and through other cues in a flawless way that makes others feel happy around you comfortable around you and to be their best selves around you and you continue walking and now you see a person that you have romantic interest in perhaps you’ve wanted to talk to them but you’ve been shy you felt awkward you want sure what to say you weren’t even sure if they would like you but now you see yourself walking towards them with a comfortable smile on your face and feeling at ease at peace and with the deep level of your heart radically accepting your own being and if there is any resistance or anxiety go ahead as you walk towards embrace up that right index finger again I’d like you to draw out every ounce of anxiety and fear push it into the right index finger and release it drop it completely notice it flows effortlessly are the subconscious mind and is released and transformed into confidence into ease into relaxation and into personal power notice how happy they are to see you and how fluidly flawlessly you are able to express your feelings to express your thoughts your ideas and who you truly are your unique gifts and how valuable you are in the relationship and you feel that value you feel complete on your own and as you’re engaged in conversation with this plus and you can tell they want you to stay but you realize you have somewhere else to go so you are able to leave the situation with ease and leave them wanting to speak to you more and you walk to one more area in the parade and you see some family members that perhaps you’ve been afraid of getting into confrontation with or you have avoided because you did not want to draw healthy boundaries because you wanted to gain their acceptance and you walk up to them with a confidence and an in a sense of self love and self respect and you are able to say to them what you have always wanted to say and you no longer seek their validation their approval and you are able to peacefully convey your healthy boundaries and this makes you feel confident this makes you feel loved this makes you feel self accepted this makes you feel at peace and this makes you feel powerful and notice how you strengthen how your core expands how you breath deepens as you express yourself and you open up the area of the throat and speech communication flows effortlessly from this area into vocalization and you are able to speak deep important truths about yourself in a loving kind but healthy way and notice as you walk away from them you release any pain from the past you release any sense of unforgiveness and you feel free you feel confident you feel at ease you feel completely able to enter any situation whether it is public speaking whether it is a social gathering whether it is an event or whether it is a work related place and you weren’t able to carry yourself with elegance with ease with power with confidence and with the analytical ability to use logic and to also use the creative capacity of your right brain to come together and to express yourself in a way that is entertaining in a way that is deep in a way that is provocative in a way that is enlightening that is compassionate that is kind and that leads people towards you to want to spend time with you that enjoy your company and you find yourself being invited to event after event and your social calendar is full and you realize that this fullness comes from the deep acceptance within I’d like you to breathe into your heart breathing in I deeply love and accept myself at the deepest level of my being breathing out I release any past fears judgments towards myself I’ll let them go I release them now as you go to sleep tonight you will notice that any limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in social fear or phobia will be released through your early morning dream so every day in every way you feel the undeniable drive to go outside to meet people to interact with people and you notice a social it’s flowing in and you notice how much excitement how much confidence they bring in you every time you interact with another person and even if you try to go back to the old way of fear and anxiety it would only strengthen your confidence even more so now I’m going to count you up and out as I count you up and out I’m going to count you up into your highest state of confidence each number will increase the state by a hundred coming up at one feeling even more confident at two feeling even more empowered at three feeling even greater self esteem at four and at five awakening to your highest potential as a social communicative confident person thank you guys for joining me for this hypnosis that I know has helped so many of my clients and I know it’ll help you just consistency consistency consistency and if you want to hear more from me or you want me to feature your question simply send me a message in the comments or email me and for more videos subscribe at my channel because I’m updating them every week just for you guys thank you for always being with me and watching my videos and I’ll see you next week have a beautiful weekend..

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  1. Thank you for that. I almost fell asleep half way through lol. I love talking to people and meeting people but get very anxious when I’m stuck in crowded places or anywhere I feel trapped. Your video was inspiring.


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